January, 2003 - Lionheart Incorporated threw open its office doors to ring in the New Year. The company, founded by Donna and Richard Ruberti, was a long time coming, but their dream to create a family-owned business has always been well known. They first discussed what would eventually become Lionheart Incorporated as early as 1983. As 2002 ended, Donna was ready for a new challenge and Richard was looking for a career change. Together, they decided to form Lionheart Incorporated. Their value proposition is simple. Their experience and talent combined with a network of insatiable professionals to provide seamless service, quality craftsmanship, and an ever-present creative edge. Lionheart!

Richard reports, "Early indications are that a strong customer base is out there and interested. We've done a lot of work for a lot of people over the years." While outsourcing has practically become a way of life for the veteran corporate art director, along with it has come the recognition of a need and the opportunity to match a concept to it. "Companies want consistent, professional service and support when it comes to non-core work which is being outsourced more and more everyday. Cost-effective dependability is the bottom line." That's where Lionheart comes in. "We'll design it, manage it, and/or produce it or any part thereof," explains Donna Ruberti, the company's president. "Be it graphic design, marketing communications, or visual presentations, we are at your service!"

Bringing an X-generation dimension to Lionheart, is the eldest of the three Ruberti daughters, Renee Raquel. Surrounded with design and production since childhood, trained in fine and graphic arts, already a professional make-up artist and experienced muralist, she adds her talent and youth to Lionheart.

Lionheart is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania and can be found on the Internet at www.lionheartincorporated.com.





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