Lionheart provides our clients with a full range of graphic design, project management, and production-oriented deliverables.

Ad concept, copy, and production
Case histories and testimonials
Media placement and rate negotiations
Print, web, and broadcast

Corporate Identity and Branding
Brand-marketing strategies
Logo development, implementation, and standardization

Channels of Distribution
Mail order catalogs
Program description literature

Dealer Aids
Co-op advertising programs
Dealer meetings

Direct Marketing
Consulting services
Direct mail, direct response
Email direct response
List acquisition, merge, and purge
Program design and analysis

Electronic Interactive Media
CD-ROM presentation
Web site analysis, content development, design, programming

Market Planning
Competitive analysis
Market potential analysis
Share-of-market goal setting
Unique selling proposition development

Point of Purchase
Bags, boxes, packaging, and package inserts
Product literature
Retail displays, murals, and signage

Catalogs, brochures, recruitment and technical literature
CD-ROMs, flip charts, and PowerPoint presentations
Contests, incentives, and sweepstakes
Custom awards, crystal sculpture, and recognition programs
Customer profiles
Gifts and novelties
Handbooks, internal publications, and manuals
Sales meetings and training programs
Tradeshows and exhibits

Public Relations
Newsletters, promotional literature, and reprints
Special events management, planning, and support

Environmental graphics
Facility signage
Way-finding systems

Strategy Consultation
Business development
Market penetration
New product development and launches
Process redesign


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